Three Cleveland neighborhoods win $200,000 for home rehabilitation efforts

The Cleveland Neighborhood Progress Board of Directors awarded $200,000 to three Community Development Corporations (CDCs) as part of an initiative to increase home rehabilitation efforts in the city. The proceeds for these donations came as part of a $700,000 grant Cleveland Neighborhood Progress received from the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund (QLCIF) in December 2017.This is
the first gift made from the three-year grant designed to provide much-needed funds to help stabilize the Cleveland housing market and revitalize neighborhoods.

“Our organization is grateful for the support from the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund,” said Joel Ratner, President and CEO of Neighborhood Progress. “These home rehabilitation efforts are critical to Cleveland’s neighborhood stabilization and growth.”

Cleveland’s CDCs participated in a highly competitive process. Organizations were evaluated based on past performance and experience in housing rehab, capacity and ways in which the grant contributes to the organization’s sustainability and future.

The following organizations won the Rehab Facilitations Awards

Slavic Village Development will receive $50,000
The award will be used for the sustainability and growth of Slavic Village Rediscovered, the organization’s home rehab program. The funds will support the renovation and sale of 12 homes over the next year.

Metro West Community Development Organization (MWCDO) will receive $50,000
The award will be used to target rehabilitation efforts in the greater La Villa Hispana area. Funds will also support the CDC’s existing One & Two-Family Housing Rehabilitation Program. MWCDO is partnering with MetroHealth and the Spanish American Committee on this program and anticipates acquiring five properties with this award.

Collinwood United, a joint venture of Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Collinwood Nottingham Villages Corporation, will receive $100,000
The award will be used to hire a housing specialist to oversee the Collinwood United Housing Development program. Furthermore, the award will support planning, accounting and marketing for the program.

“In order to ensure that Cleveland residents have opportunities to build equity in their neighborhoods, we will continue to invest in our partners to support rehab and repair,” said Laura Grannemann, Vice President of Strategic Investments for QLCIF. “We are thrilled that our partnership with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress has resulted in three CDCs getting the capacity they need to start, grow or scale work that will ultimately serve their communities for many years to come.”

Quicken Loans, and its Family of Companies, have made significant contributions to the Cleveland area, creating more than 6,000 jobs and investing more than $2.5 billion in the city through real estate and community investments.

The Rehab Facilitations Award is representative of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress’ belief that communities prosper through targeted and layered investment, partnership and inclusive planning. Our comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization incorporates real estate development, safety, access to education, work and amenities and civic involvement.