Clean & Green Cleveland

Sorry, we are no longer accepting reservations until spring 2017. Thank you for your support!

We are now accepting reservations for the Clean & Green Cleveland trailer. This landscaping and community clean-up resource is available to neighborhood groups in the city of Cleveland from April 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016. Please review all forms provided to learn more details about Clean & Green Cleveland.

*New in 2016: A $50 fully refundable deposit is required 48 hours before a Clean & Green Cleveland reservation. (limit 3 reservations per group)


Through the generous support of the Citizens Bank Foundation, the Clean & Green Cleveland trailer is available through Cleveland Neighborhood Progress for loan to City of Cleveland residents and community volunteer groups. The Clean & Green Cleveland trailer is stocked with landscaping tools and cleanup supplies to assist with beautification and clean-up efforts and events in Cleveland’s neighborhoods.

• The trailer is available on a first come, first serve basis April through October.

• Reservations must be made 2 weeks before date requested.

• Single day use: Standard drop-off and pick-up times for single, same-day use are 9am and 3:30pm respectively.

• Multi-day and weekend use: Trailer may be reserved for a maximum of three, continuous days. If reserved for full weekend use, trailer will be delivered on Friday (3:30pm) and picked up on Monday morning (9am). Similar drop-off and pick-up times for weekday use.  For multi-day use, trailer CANNOT be placed on a street or avenue and must be on a lot with curb access.

• We DO NOT have the ability to deliver or pick-up the trailer on Sunday therefore reservations for Sunday-only or use beginning Sunday are not being accepted or approved.

• Trailer placement must be in a well-lit, secure area.  Placement of the trailer on a street, road or avenue (versus a lot) must be expressly requested and will only be considered for single-day reservations.

• Trash and debris removal is the responsibility of the group/club/organization using the trailer. Trailer supplies/contents must be returned to the appropriate places within, clean and orderly.

Participation Requirements
Cleanup Coordinator must assume responsibility for the following
Deposit Information & Details
Cleanup Coordinator must assume responsibility for the following
How to Get Started