Workforce Development

We will be a partner with workforce development and social service organizations on system level approaches that will connect residents in Cleveland’s neighborhoods to viable jobs and job training/skill enhancement programs that will strengthen their economic future.

Cleveland’s revitalization is dependent upon its ability to generate jobs and increase employment opportunities for its residents.

In such a volatile job market it is important to maximize the resources of community leaders, industry experts, and employers to identify labor force needs and connect residents with job training and placement to quickly meet those needs.

Neighborhood Progress believes that it is imperative to strategically invest in projects that contribute to the advancement of neighborhood revitalization efforts and economic inclusion initiatives that will eliminate physical, social and economic barriers to employment. We partner to expand job-readiness and training initiatives with neighborhood economic engines and employers to build businesses and wealth in our communities.

For more information, contact Sheri Dozier, Director of Workforce Development, at 216.453.1452 or