Aerial Agents helps capture the images of city life

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is in the business of promoting city neighborhoods. And it’s quite rewarding to travel around all of the city neighborhoods to document the success stories of residents, businesses and our community development partners. We take pride in gathering this information and sharing it with you and others as we work to attract more residents into our vibrant neighborhoods.

But we can’t do it alone. We truly appreciate the partnerships that have been formed over the years. Recently, we connected with Aerial Agents, a local firm specializing in aerial photography and video footage. Using drones primarily, their work captures our urban neighborhoods from a special perspective, and we greatly appreciate being able to use these images within our body of work.

As an example, the Tremont image that is featured above and on our homepage displays exactly what makes our neighborhoods unique. That image encapsulates the many important layers of our city. We see a thriving neighborhood that is full of new and rehabilitated housing along with inviting streetscapes and flourishing businesses. Just a half mile away, a working river and an energetic industrial valley borders Tremont. And in the background sits our Downtown skyline, home to a rapidly growing residential population and the destination for approximately 100,000 daytime workers and millions of visitors.

Everything you see in this picture can be accessed in just a few short minutes, whether it’s by car, bus, bike or foot. And all of Cleveland’s neighborhoods offer similar opportunities.  We promote Cleveland’s live, work, play options across the entire city. Pictures like this help us tell that story. We thank Aerial Agents for their work in Cleveland. To learn more about their business, please visit or visit them on their social media channels.