Meet the Interns!

Alyssa Greenwald

Alyssa Greenwald: “I am 21 years old and from Solon, Ohio. I went to Solon High School and now am a senior at Kent State University majoring in Marketing. I work with Jeff Kipp and Nick Patrone as a marketing intern at Neighborhood Progress. My day-to-day tasks involve managing all of the social media accounts for LiveCleveland and Neighborhood Progress. Updating our websites and calendars, and creating content for our E-newsletters is also part of my routine. I have already learned so much about marketing and Cleveland’s neighborhoods by working here as an intern. I am very thankful for having this opportunity to work with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress throughout the summer. I cannot wait to apply my knowledge into my senior year classes as well as any future jobs I take on!”

Meg Hopkins

Meg Hopkins: “I’m from Westlake and went to Magnificat High School. Now I am going in to my second year at Ohio State where I am majoring in Public Affairs. I have always been super passionate about Cleveland neighborhoods because they each have so much to offer and explore, which is what led me to Neighborhood Progress. I am working in Placemaking under Arleesha Wilson and have enjoyed it immensely as I have learned so much from her about equitable community development in our lovely city. This summer has already been such an incredible experience and I am looking forward to the days ahead as well as taking what I earn here and putting it into practice in both my education and my future employment opportunities!”

Isiah Barbra

Isiah Barbra: “I am 22 years old from Cleveland, Ohio and attended St. Ignatius High School and Marietta College, where I double majored in Finance and Management. I currently intern under CFO Erskine Bevel. My primary tasks at Neighborhood Progress involve creating and implementing a formal onboarding process. I also help assist with the transferring of grant records from hard copies and word documents to the GrantHub online platform. Lastly, I provide assistance to the executive assistant in daily duties. Upon graduation, it was extremely exciting to know I’d be interning for the company that my grandfather Daryl Rush worked for years ago. I absolutely love every aspect of what’s going on here at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, from the work that the employees do, the culture of the organization, and most importantly the consistent focus of revitalizing neighborhoods throughout Cleveland for everyone to enjoy is truly special to me.”

Alex Gauding

Alex Gauding: “I am 23 years old and from Cleveland, Ohio. I attended Cleveland State University and graduated in 2017 as an Urban Studies student. I began my internship under Bianca Butts at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress in March 2018. One of my duties here is to track and maintain data related to the small grants administration process. Another responsibility is to meet with residents and stakeholders regarding the Cleveland Climate Action Plan planning process. Researching and summarizing best practices in climate resiliency from other agencies that can support the development of CNP programs and projects is also part of my daily routine. Lastly, I help create and uphold marketing material in print, electronic, and social media platforms.”

Angela Cecys

Angela Cecys: “I am 25 years old and from Lorain, Ohio. I graduated in 2015 from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Studies concentrating in Child and Youth Development. My minors consist of Non Profit Management and Psychology. After graduation, I worked at Coleman Professional Services. Currently, I am a Masters Candidate at Case Western Reserve University in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences specializing in Community Practice for Social Change. My interests include Positive Youth Development, Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking, as well as social and economic development within the class system. My primary tasks at Neighborhood Progress are with Nina Holzer in CDC Advancement and involve the Office of Reentry project, planning the Progress Institute, and planning the staff summer walking tours. I also help with Policy and Advocacy alongside Erika Anthony, and assist with climate resiliency and sustainability work with Bianca Butts.”

Sabrina Paskewitz

Sabrina Paskewitz: “I am 25 years old and received my BA from Oberlin College in 2015 with a major in mathematics and a minor in environmental studies. After Oberlin, I went on to graduate school at Ohio University in geography with a focus on urban neighborhood-level sustainability and gentrification. I now work with Nina Holzer and Colleen Gilson in CDC Advancement where I am working on a few projects including completing research aimed to help identify where and how to help the reentry system in Cuyahoga County so that returned citizens can get the services and resources they need.  I am also studying power analysis and how it may be able to positively impact Cleveland CDCs and the non-profit community.”