Mission & Strategic Plan

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Our Mission

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is a local community development intermediary with more than thirty years of experience investing in community revitalization work in Greater Cleveland. Cleveland Neighborhood Progress was founded in 1988 and serves a unique function as it is the only local intermediary in the region. We are proud to be nationally highlighted as a leader for engaging in best practices in various facets of nonprofit programming. We acknowledge historic inequities driven by race that persist today. To redress inequities, we know that intentionality in design, additional resources, time and strategies are required to work with and for the impacted communities.

Our Values

Racial Equity and Inclusion

Racial equity and inclusion underlines our dedication to constructing a community development framework aimed at dismantling systemic barriers to economic opportunity. This involves advocating for policy reforms that foster equitable revitalization, while directing resources and support towards underserved CDCs and neighborhoods.

Economic Opportunity

Economic opportunity is a foundational principle, acknowledging the pivotal role of community development in fostering greater prospects for individuals and families. It serves as a catalyst for enhancing opportunities such as homeownership. entrepreneurship, improved educational and vocational training, expanded employment options, and the cultivation of generational wealth. These endeavors collectively contribute to a higher quality of life.

Applied Thought Leadership

Thought leadership, research, and analysis are central skills. We enhance these abilities by tapping into the collective intelligence of our team members and collaborating closely with CDCs and other partners. This collaborative approach enables us to uncover and implement innovative solutions to complex community and societal challenges.

Climate Resiliency & Sustainability

Through our collaboration with Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and other strategic partners, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering climate resiliency and sustainability within Cleveland’s neighborhoods. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we promote the integration of initiatives and practices that enhance environmental sustainability and resilience, thereby ensuring the long-term well-being and quality of life for all residents. 

CNP’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

In March 2021, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress (CNP) engaged EY Economic Development Advisory Services to assist in the creation of a new strategic plan to guide CNP’s work over the next five years. In partnership with Urban Policy Innovations, CNP and the EY team spent several months in three phases of research, comparative analysis, and defining a new approach to CNP’s work as an intermediary in community development.

Those phases of work included:

  • Phase 1 included a background review of the demographic and economic context surrounding the Cleveland area and an organizational assessment evaluating CNP’s current state, as well as an analysis of the community development corporation (CDC) ecosystem that CNP serves and supports. We also sought feedback and input from key stakeholders.
  • Phase 2 involved a comparative analysis of CNP against other peer CDC intermediaries and similar organizations, along with a review of leading practices for consideration.
  • Phase 3 entailed development and delivery of the new strategy and implementation plan.

To explore and learn more about CNP’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan and the research that contributed to it, check out this full page dedicated to it.