Cleveland Neighborhood Progress issues RFQ for Community Development Corporations Financial Assessment Consultant 

Issued July 21, 2023 | Closing Date: August 7, 2023

Central to CNP’s strategic plan is the work of the CDC Advancement and Resilience team who developed the CDC Advancement Model to evaluate CDC’s annually, across multiple core categories and subcategories of work. One of those key categories is governance, which includes financial management and oversight. 

As part of our new grant system and application we will require applicants to submit financial documents to be reviewed by a 3rd party consultant. This review will be used by the selection committee to evaluate the financial health of the organization, and to inform funds allocated. In addition to a financial assessment this consultant will need to interview CDC Staff including but not limited to the Executive Director, Board Chair and/or Treasurer and organization accounting staff, to develop a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s financial health. 


Interested parties should respond to this RFP by 5 pm on August 7, 2023, for consideration.

Download the RFQ here.