Racial Equity & Inclusion

Growing Racial Equity in Northeast Ohio: Continued Awareness & Action

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Groundwater and Phase 1 Workshops presented by the Racial Equity Institute

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is thrilled to partner with ThirdSpace Action Lab to offer a third year of awareness and action. Throughout the Year of Awareness Building, more than 3,000 concerned citizens from across the region have participated in either the half-day Groundwater Training, or the two-day Phase I Workshop presented by the Racial Equity Institute. These intensive introductions to historical, institutional and systemic racism challenge deeply-held assumptions, and reveal—with sobering clarity—the devastating impacts of persistent racial inequality on our nation’s most marginalized populations.

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive; and all indications suggest that this paradigm shift has begun to gain traction. However, the Year of Awareness Building was simply a starting point for our continued efforts to embed Racial Equity & Inclusion as a central organizing principle of a holistic approach to community development.  To truly accomplish our vision for Cleveland’s neighborhoods, we must ensure that all residents—especially historically disadvantaged members of the community—feel connected to the fabric of their neighborhoods; have equal access to opportunities; and are meaningfully engaged in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

Yet there are no quick fixes for racial inequity. Changing the course of history will take time, persistence, creativity, and courage. Furthermore, we understand that this work must be pursued on multiple levels at once—both personally and professionally; institutionally and system-wide. As we uncover and/or create new opportunities to turn Awareness into Action, we will leverage the momentum achieved in 2017, to broaden and strengthen our coalition. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Racial Equity Institute will once again facilitate monthly Groundwater Training and Racial Equity Phase I Workshop sessions in 2018.

Through our continued efforts to deepen our understanding of our history, the outcomes of unequal systems, and the language needed to describe with specificity how systemic racism impacts every facet of American life (including our work), we move one step closer to creating a more equitable society.
For more information or questions, please email REI@3rdspaceactionlab.co. 


2018 Racial Equity and Inclusion Report
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2019 Training Schedule 
January 16 + 17 Phase One Workshop

February 11 Groundwater Workshop
February 14 + 15 Phase One Workshop

March 14 + 15 Phase One Workshop

April 1 Groundwater Workshop
April 2 + 3 Phase One Workshop

May 8 + 9 Phase One Workshop

June 12 + 13 Phase One Workshop
June 14 Groundwater Workshop

July 29 + 30 Phase One Workshop

August 28 + 29 Phase One Workshop
August 30 Groundwater Workshop

September 18 + 19 Phase One Workshop

October 23 + 24 Phase One Workshop
October 25 Groundwater Workshop

November 18 + 19 Phase One Workshop

December 16 Groundwater Workshop
December 17 + 18 Phase One Workshop