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Making Progress, with More to Come

Sixteen months into Mayor Bibb’s term in office, we can share that marked progress has been made and more work lies ahead.

As outlined in detail in this report, ten of the 50 recommendations (20%) in the Neighborhood Platform have been completed and another 29 (58%) are in progress. That leaves 11 (22%) to be started. In terms of the next two and a half years of work, 40 recommendations (80%) need to be led across the finish line by Mayor Bibb and Cleveland City Council.

Where Mayor Bibb, his Administration, and Cleveland City Council Should Focus in 2023

All the recommendations in the Neighborhood Platform will improve quality of life in Cleveland’s neighborhoods, but some warrant particular consideration this year. Acting on the recommendations below will show a commitment to urgent challenges felt by Cleveland residents, will provide guidance and a shared vision to the many partners who help implement the city’s work, and will hasten the positive impacts and outcomes that will flow from these recommendations.

Within the community development ecosystem, no recommendation is more important than working collaboratively to re-envision how the City works with and funds CDCs.

Top Priority for 2023: Empower CDCs to Help Transform Our Neighborhoods

  • Within the first year of the new administration, engage CDCs, CNP, and other stakeholders in re-imagining community development funding with a focus on more effectively using CDBG funding to meet neighborhood needs and funding CDCs operations and programs through alternative non-federal sources.

Key Housing Recommendations for 2023

  • Launch a locally funded Housing Trust Fund in partnership with Cuyahoga County to support the preservation and production of affordable housing…
  • Create policies and practices that proactively deter predatory investing in Cleveland’s housing market.
  • Pass a tax relief program for low-income homeowners to lessen the negative impact for housing price escalation, thereby encouraging them to remain in the neighborhoods and enjoy wealth-building opportunities at the point of sale.

Key Economic Development Recommendations for 2023

  • Articulate at a public forum a clear strategy for neighborhood transformation in the first year of a new mayoral administration.
  • Make new investments in the restoration and rehabilitation of main streets in order to build commercial corridors that attract and retain businesses.
  • Within 18 months of the new administration, launch a comprehensive marketing plan for Cleveland and its neighborhoods that will be achieved by an external partner with public support and input from other external partners.

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Residential Stability Zones