We are enthusiastically engaged in growing a ‘portfolio’ of high-performing schools in Cleveland, promoting and enabling data-driven decision making, and supporting innovative education interventions to ensure every child has access to a quality school and that every neighborhood has a quality school option to choose from.

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is vigorously engaged in and supporting efforts across the age spectrum to realize this vision.

We are actively engaged in PRE4CLE, a city-wide effort to increase the number of high-performing pre-K seats available to our youngest learners across the city. In partnerships with PRE4CLE, Community Development Corporations, Case Western Reserve and the Educational Services Center of Cuyahoga County, we will be leading the effort to explore the intersection of early childhood education and transit oriented development as a means of mitigating barriers to educational access in the city of Cleveland.

From Kindergarten through high school we are working collaboratively with CDC’s to promote high quality schools through our innovative partnership with the Cleveland Transformation Alliance. This nationally recognized effort links community leaders trained by the Neighborhood Leadership Institute, with community development corporations to create a continuum of support for parents, students, and residents to become active and informed school choosers.

The availability of high quality schools impacts a neighborhood’s ability to attract new residents and businesses.

High-quality schools and creative programming are needed to deliver effective tuition-free educational options to our communities and to engage residents at the family and community level.  We strive to develop programming focused on not only student achievement, but also family achievement – encouraging partnerships that help children be successful and provide social service programming that enables families to realize success as well.

For more information, contact Kandis Williams, VP of Economic Opportunity, at 216.453.1450 or