Clean and Green Reservation Calendar

Please submit one reservation(event) at a time. Multiple submissions at once will not be accepted. 

All reservations must be made through Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, two weeks in advance.

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Prior to the event
1. A project lead must be assigned and he/she must completed the application.
2. Waivers and Responsibilities form must be completed and sent to
3. Trailer needs to be booked 2 weeks in advance and it can be utilized for a period of up to 3 days maximum.
4. WEEKEND-USE REMINDER! If you are planning on using the trailer on the weekend, the trailer is delivered on Friday afternoon and retrieved on Monday morning. The project leader must be present for drop-off and pick-up. We also require that the trailer drop-off location be well-lit, fenced and secured.  Ideally, the event organizer will have the opportunity to check the security of the trailer multiple times over the weekend.
5. Please note: The Clean&Green Cleveland Trailer may not be used in connection with or to support any campaign activities.

Before and during the event
1. Equipment check list is reviewed and inventory matches the list.
2. Trailer is monitored for equipment distribution and return.
3. Review and abide by the “Day of the Event” guidelines with all volunteers
4. Always use good judgment and be safe. If something looks suspicious or dangerous report to appropriate authorities.
5. Promote recycling during your cleanup event.
6. Use the caulk board tailgate as a great place to take photos and write fun quotes about the clean-up. Capture the messages with a photo.
7. Take plenty of photos of the clean-up and beautification activities and a group photos of participants at the trailer site.
8. Have fun! Be proud of your efforts to make your neighborhood a cleaner environment!

After the event
1. Make sure all equipment is returned to the trailer in the designated spots.
2. Ensure all debris and trash is properly removed and/or discarded. Clean & Green Cleveland assumes no responsibility for trash/debris removal.
3. If there is any damages to the equipment, notify immediately.
4. Fill out the “after event” form.