Celebrating 30 years of leadership in Cleveland’s community development industry!

Founded in 1988, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress was created by the philanthropic and corporate communities to lead neighborhood revitalization efforts across the city of Cleveland. Thirty years later, the organization has developed into a nationally recognized community development intermediary that follows an aggressive work plan and steadfastly pursues its vision for vibrant neighborhoods.

“We’re extremely proud of reaching this 30-year milestone. Neighborhood Progress values its role as the only local community development intermediary in northeast Ohio and we appreciate the responsibility that has been entrusted to us. We’ll continue to lead Cleveland’s community development corporations on the journey to sustaining vibrant neighborhoods” states Joel Ratner, President & CEO.

“We continue our push to develop and sustain strong, healthy and resilient neighborhoods in Cleveland, always learning from our past efforts while seeking new, successful approaches in housing stabilization, commercial development, greenspace management, and economic opportunities for city residents.”

Over the past 30 years, Neighborhood Progress has provided over $35 Million in core operating funds and technical assistance support to community development corporations. Additionally, our organization has invested approximately $70 Million in housing and real estate that is valued at nearly $1 Billion. Our work encompasses new and rehabilitated residential units, commercial properties and neighborhood greenspace.

The organization also works to ensure city residents can thrive within the neighborhoods they reside. It is deeply engaged in advocacy across a multitude of issues, provides direct service financial coaching, and leads the community dialogue on racial equity and inclusion.

As Cleveland Neighborhood Progress proceeds with its 2017 – 2021 strategic plan, it remains focused on bolstering Cleveland’s community development system by improving the physical landscape and increasing quality housing options in the city, addressing racial equity in the city, advocating for urban issues at all levels of governments, and growing the city’s population.

Ratner concludes, “It has been an honor serving Cleveland’s residents, neighborhoods, and community development system for 30 years. We eagerly look forward to continued revitalization of our neighborhoods and many more decades of dedicated service.”