Cleveland Neighborhood Progress Releases New Book on Cleveland Neighborhoods and Residents

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress has released a new publication featuringCleveland residents and the neighborhoods they call home. This is Where I Live: Cleveland People and Their Neighborhoods is now available to the public. The book is written by local author Justin Glanville and former Cleveland planning director Bob Brown. The project, which was being worked on for more than a year, is a celebration of people and place in the City of Cleveland.

Joel Ratner, President & CEO of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, states “This was a rewarding project, as we created a new and different channel to showcase Cleveland neighborhoods and residents. By reaching out to our partners in community development, we were able to identify many of the distinct topics, stories and individuals that are featured. We’re extremely excited to share this book with the community.”

Glanville adds, “We didn’t want to just focus on city residents that are already receiving attention. Everybody has a story to tell, and the ones who don’t raise their hands and volunteer are just as important and meaningful as those who do.”

He goes on to say, “It’s such an honor to do work like this. For someone to share their story is such an act of generosity. It gives us all a chance to learn, to hear from someone we might never otherwise have met.”

“There are many books and photo essays about Cleveland, but this book is a bit different. It focuses on Cleveland’s neighborhoods – some well-known and some little known – and a sampling of the fascinating people who live and work here,” adds Brown.

Advance copies of the book were provided to all guests at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress’ third annual Vibrant City Awards Lunch. At this May 24th event, the organization celebrated Cleveland neighborhoods and leading neighborhood revitalization efforts with over 500 community leaders, stakeholders and partners.

This is Where I Live: Cleveland People and Their Neighborhoods is now available for sale through Neighborhood Progress’ LiveCLEVELAND! website ( and some local bookstores. The retail price is $24.95.

Support for this publication was provided by the George Gund Foundation, Vintage Development Group and the Saint Luke’s Foundation.

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is a local community development funding intermediary with nearly thirty years of experience investing in community revitalization work in the city of Cleveland. It serves a unique function as the only local intermediary in the region and is proud to be nationally highlighted as a leader for engaging in best practices in various facets of nonprofit programming. The Board and staff strive to lead industry partners on new and existing initiatives to improve the quality of Cleveland’s neighborhoods and the quality of life for Cleveland’s residents.

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